#164 Lisi Veranda | Tbilisi Georgia

The Lisi Veranda project (Read more about this project online) is one element of the total plan for development which consists of apartments and townhouses along with the necessary infrastructure etc.

Concern is advising on the layout of the apartments and townhouses, along with designing several specific items such as the entrance gate and signage. The Lisi Veranda project is the first phase of a total plan from Green Lisi Town and is expected to be delivered in 2013.

Concern is also working on the following projects in Georgia:

#888 American Academy

The American Academy (More about the American Academy)will move this summer to a new campus which is currently being built. Concern is advising on an overal visual style for the new school buildings, and is designing several specific interior elements such as the atrium, student lounges and the internal courtyard.

#888 Tbilisi Art Centre

As part of the celebrations to mark the 20th anniversary of the founding of TBC Bank in Georgia, Concern is designing the interior for a new Arts & Culture centre for young people which will be housed in a currently disused energy station.

Lisi Development
Tbilisi, Georgia